Certificates & Awards

The development and manufacture of Synmac products is registered to ISO 9001. All Products manufactured by Synmac, confirm to all requirements and monograph specifications as described in The Foods Chemicals Codex (FCC), and the Indian Pharmacopeia (IP) where applicable. FCC monographs are officially recognized by the  (FDA) and are accepted as standards on the quality, purity, and safety of food-grade substances for production, packaging, handling, and storage of food ingredients are in strict compliance  with the guidelines specified in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) under Title 21.

 SYNMAC is certified as per the latest ISO quality standard 9001:2008 – a certification process in which all quality-related company processes are  examined. We regard ISO 9001:2008 an ideal basis for a company-specific management system because it perfectly relates to other system standards and requirements (e.g. environmental management, operational safety, risk management). It is therefore suited to future industry-specific requirements.

Furthermore, the Synmac's strictly observes the basic principles of the HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). This means we analyze all the risks concerning food safety that lie in our sphere of responsibility, and we guarantee the continuous monitoring of food safety standards.