Defoamer For Beet Sugar

Beet Sugar Defoamers

Defoamers are used to either control foam formation or eliminate foam from forming during the intended process. When the formation of foam is prevented, the chemical is usually referred to as antifoam. Most often, the terms defoamer and antifoam are used interchangeably.


  •  -  Defoamers (knockdown). The need to reduce or eliminate foam already present. We call this defoaming
  •  -  Antifoamers (carry-through). The injection of an antifoaming agent before foam develops 


AVIFOAM-DF range defoaming agents in beet sugar processing is at the extraction and boiling station.


Products Chemistry Applications TDS SDS

    Defoamer For Beet Sugar

    AVIFOAM-DF260 Blend of polyalkylene glycols

    AVIFOAM AF260 is an organic defoamer especially formulated for processing  of Cane Sugar, Yeast and fermentation of molasses obtained from sugar cane.  It is effectively control foam in extraction; diffusion evaporation; juice clarification. Also It can be improves the flow and reduces viscosity of the syrup.

    AVIFOAM-DF299 Proprietory blend polymers

    It is specially formulated defoamer for the flume water area in beet sugar factories for a temperature range from 0 to 30° C. It can be used in flume water cycle comprising flushing of beets, beet pre-washing, beet transport and beet washing as well as the beet tail transport ad preparation.

    AVIFOAM-DF365 Alkyl polyalkoxyether - Non ionic.

    AVIFOAM DF365 is used to control the foam produced during beet sugar juice extraction process. Highly efficient, especially above 50°C and below 85°C, AVIFOAM DF365 has a long-lasting effect in both acid and alkaline medium.

    AVIFOAM-DF370 Proprietory blend

    It is a kosher organic defoamer for use in processing beet and cane sugar in juice, molasses and liquors. Primary use is in hot processes such as distillation and evaporators.

    AVIFOAM-DF375 Mixture of polyoxyalkylene polymer in hydrophobic solvent and non-ionic emulsifier

    AVIFOAM-AF375 is a liquid frost resistant excellent suppression of foam in the sugar-beet processing industry. It is especially designed for low temperature processes defoamer during the hydro transportation of the sugar beets and washing stages.