Antifoams for Antibiotics

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Aerobic fermentations are an important application field for the use of antifoam agents. The antibiotic producer made some changes to its manufacturing operations to accelerate the fermentation process. These changes included increasing the airflow rates into fermenter vessels increase yields and shorten processing times. However, pumping more air creates more foam, which often requires greater doses of antifoam agents to knock the foam down and keep it in check. This is especially true when using standard polyol antifoam agents like polypropylene glycol (PPG).


Synmac antifoam agents in the fermentation batch helped the manufacturer enhance the efficiency of downstream separation processes, resulting in less antifoam product needing to be removed during processing.

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    Antifoams for Antibiotics

    AVIFOAM-AB336 Polyalkylene glycol with fatty acid esters

    AVIFOAM-AB336 Antifoam agent for fermentation processes antibiotics based on combination of copolymeres of ethylene- and propylene oxide with long-chained fatty acids esters

    AVIFOAM-AB90 Vegetable Oil base

    AVIFOAM-AB30 is water insoluble but may be used as supplied or diluted using suitable food ingredients such as vegetable oils. It has been proven to provide excellent antifoaming properties in fermentation applications  as the production of antibiotic intermediates, potable alcohol & bio-ethanol production.