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Terms of Sale (Local & Export)

1.The Price:
The prices in this price list are the maximum prices applicable at the time of issue of this price list and are effective from current f/y. These prices are non-binding and subject to alteration without notice. We reserve the right to invoice goods at prices prevailing on the date of dispatch.

2.a. Export:
Purchase orders should clearly and separately indicate billing and shipping addresses, if different. Particular  attention should be given to provide the city, postal code and country clearly in addition to other pertinent information, which will assure receipt of ordered merchandise.Many orders are delayed in transit or Customs due to inadequate or incomplete shipping information. Normal shipping terms are: Ex-Factory. Depending upon destination, export orders may be subjected to various additional charges for Customs Documentation, Certifications,Insurance, etc. Please request a ProForma Invoice prior to placement of orders to avoid any unnecessary delays. Our Export Department is experienced and will be pleased to offer any required assistance in assuring a prompt reply to accommodate export orders. Customs,documentation fees, taxes, etc. is assumed by the purchaser.

2.b. Taxes & Duties:
Prices indicated in our price list are inclusive of excise duty while VAT / sales tax, octroi and all other government levies and charges will be charged extra which would be applicable as per the laws in force from time to time.

The distributors / customers / end user should comply with all applicable statutory requirements, including the statutory requirements of national, state and local governmental bodies, including but not limited to obtaining the required licenses, road permits, statutory licenses etc., while placing the orders for the goods as well as when the goods are promoted, purchased, stored, transported and/or used.

4. Special Packing:
Many types of merchandise require special packaging to comply with government rules and regulations and to ensure receipt of undamaged equipment. Any extra packing charges are included in the Handling charge listed in the invoice.

5. Freight:
Prepaid and separately added to invoice except by truck and airfreight, which are, shipped Collect. Foreign orders are shipped Ex-Factory.

6. Insurance:
Available by carrier at current rates and by specific request only when placing orders. Insurance costs are to the "Buyer's Account".

7. Delivery:
While every reasonable effort will be made to adhere to delivery date specified by the customer, however we will not be responsible for any delay due to any circumstances, which cannot be attributed to any gross negligence on our part. Road permits (e.g. Form 31, way bill etc.) wherever applicable should accompany the order, failing which the order will not be executed till such time the same is not received. Company reserves the right to discontinue any product without notice due to regulations.

8. Passage of Risk:
The risk shall pass to the customer on receipt of goods by them or their agents or their nominated transporters. However the same is

9. Cancellations:
Cancellations of orders are accepted only on unshipped stock items and upon appropriate notification and confirmed in writing. Custom manufactured products are not subject to cancellation.

10. Payment of Invoice:
The payment of invoice shall be paid by the customer within the time period and in accordance with the manner as agreed with the customer.

11. Intellectual Property Rights:
Unless otherwise specifically agreed, we make no representation that the goods supplied by us do not violate any third-party industrial or intellectual property rights. The customer agrees to notify us without delay if it receives complaints about any such violations. If the goods supplied were manufactured according to the specification or instructions of the customer based on their IP, the customer shall indemnify us against all claims asserted on the basis of violations of industrial or intellectual property rights.

12. Bulk Requirements:
All bulk enquiries from actual users / dealers can be considered at special prices for the specific needs of the user based on the mutual agreement. The delivery period in such cases will be confirmed at the time of submitting our offer letter.

13. Uses of Products:
All chemicals other than food grade or industrial use. We do not accept any responsibility if they are used for medicinal or for pharmaceutical applications or for any other purposes. These chemicals MUST NOT be used as drugs, cosmetics, food additives,household chemicals, agricultural or pesticides products or any other purpose which is not specified.

14. Conflict:
In the event of any conflict between this General Terms and Condition of Sale and specific agreement, if any, entered into with a customer, the terms of such specific agreement shall prevail.

15. Arbitration, Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
Any dispute arising out of this General Terms and Condition of Sale shall be settled though arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliations Act, 1996 by a sole arbitrator. The venue of such arbitration shall be at Kanpur, uttar pradesh. This General Terms and Condition of Sale shall be governed in accordance with Indian Laws and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Kanpur.