SYNSTOL* specialty polycarboxylates, polyacrtylate are a series of dispersants that will provide this stability to a dispersion and at a low dosage. It is widely used by clay suppliers and ceramic manufacturers to deflocculate clay suspensions and disperse pigments in glazes. These polymers neutralize surface charges on colloidal particles and disperse the formulation so that a high-solids, low-viscosity slurry or glaze is achieved. Over time, SYNSTOL* have replaced more conventional chemistries like silicates and phosphates as deflocculating agents, as many ceramic manufacturers found that SYNSTOL*  were easier to use and provided better stability.

SYNBOND* series ceramic binder which improves the mechanical strength of green ceramic bodies so they can pass through the production process easily before firing without breakage. It also provides strength to the body in green stage for proper shaping and molding.