Surface Disinfectants

Surface & Enviornment Disinfectants

Synmac offer a full series floor disinfectant is proven active in destroying or deactivating a broad spectrum of bacteria fungi and viruses. As with surfaces, floors should be cleaned and disinfected as a matter of routine and clinicians should ensure their choice of disinfectant used is shown as being proven to destroy or deactivate all potentially harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.


The AviCide family consists of low-alcohol products that do not contain bleach. These products are recommended for use in the healthcare environments including ICU, neonatal and infant care areas, and long term healthcare facilities. AviCide and SepSyn family are ready-to-use liquid sprays. AviWipes and SynWipes are surface wipes that are easy-to-use, sturdy, durable, and won’t bunch up during use. These intermediate-level disinfectants are designed for everyday use, and can help reduce healthcare associated infections.

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    Surface Disinfectants

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