Leather Preservatives

Leather Preservatives & Biocides


Synmac's knowledge and experience in materials preservation technologies is used to provide leather processing companies with a reliable range of biocides. The control of micro-organisms at a number of stages of the leather production process is vitally important. LEDSYN* biocides and preservatives product range uses proven fungicidal and bactericidal active ingredients in formulations which are simple to use and cost-effective.


LEDSYN* biocides and preservatives high performing eco friendly, broad Spectrum preservatives suitable for preservation and prevention of microbial growth in aqueous, and water miscible chemicals and formulations.

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    Leather Preservatives

    LEDSYN-DDC Organosulfur Compound Blend

    Ledsyn DDC is non-substantive so it protects the leather only temporarily and it is washed out by any further wet processing. The alkaline nature of Ledsyn DDC should be noted as on vegetable tanned leather, a slight stripping and darkening effect may be apparent. This will of course be unimportant if the leather is subsequently to be stripped. 


    It is a fungicide for protection of wet skins in process, including wet blue stock, pickled pelts and vegtan processed stock.

    LEDSYN-OWA Orthophenylphenol in an aqueous solution

    Ledsyn OWA  is a liquid fungicide, Fungicide, bactericide and "disinfectant wash" for the fabric of the building in which wet leather is stored. It is non-substantive so it protects the leather only temporarily, it is washed out by any further wet processing. Because Ledsyn OWA  is non-substantive the liquor taken up must be replaced by a solution of equal strength. 

    LEDSYN-TC30 2-(thiocyanomethyl-thio) benzothiazole and nonionic emulsifying agents

    Ledsyn TC30 is a liquid fungicide, bactericide for protection of wet skins in process. It is a highly effective preservative for use in preventing mould growth of hides and skins in tannery processing and storage.