Antifoams & Defoamers

| Defoaming & Antifoaming Agents for Paint Industry


Synmac provides a broad range of defoamers for coatings, paints and inks. These products provide defoaming, antifoaming, leveling, antimar, roll release, lubricity and antistatic properties. Our laboratory can evaluate additives in your systems and recommend the best-performing and most cost-effective solution for your application. Our products include 100% active polymeric-, silicone- and mineral-oil-based defoamers as well as silicone and organo-silicone emulsions.


Defoamer for paint and coatings is an additive that rapidly eliminates foam during paint application and contributes to achieving even coatings that are free from defects. However, it is also known to cause coating flaws such as popping, fisheyes, cratering, and depressions. It is extremely important, then, for defoamers for paint and coatings (ink) to both eliminate these defects while offering defoaming properties. Our company’s product line-up features a wide variety of defoamers for aqueous and non-aqueous coatings and offers the most suitable solutions by adjusting additives according to the paint’s viscosity, its production process, the paint application process and the type of resin.


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    Antifoams & Defoamers

    AVIFOAM-P100A Composed of mineral oil, metallic soaps, silica and polyether ester

    AVIFOAM-P100A is suitable for the coatings and adhesives matters required better defoaming effect for foam-suppressing performance in polymeric foaming system. It has great defoaming ability can be used in the processing of Acrylic acid, vinyl acetate, acrylic acid copolymer emulsion such as paint, resin, and coated paper coating . AVIFOAM-P100A good antifoam and foam-suppressing performance in polymeric foaming system and have good compatibility with the polymeric foaming system

    AVIFOAM-P20SD Modified Silicone

    It is defoamer agent emulsion with excellent defoaming effect, formulated by polysiloxane and silica. It can be used in textile printing and coating industry.

    AVIFOAM-P30SD Modified polydimethylsiloxane polymer

    AVIFOAM-P30SD is a non-toxic silicone based antifoam for water based wood paint and coating. It is good compatibility with water based resin and no floating oil phenomenon