Dry-film preservatives

Dry-film Ppreservatives for Coating


'Dry-film preservatives' are products used for the preservation of films or coatings by the control of microbial deterioration or algal growth in order to protect the initial properties of the surface of materials. Synmac develops unique dry film preservatives for use in paint, ink, coatings, wood and leather products, and dandruff-based cosmetic products. These dry film fungicides are proven to be effective against mildew long term and eco-friendly.


AVICIDE* P series family integrates biocides to control growth of fungus and algae on dry state products; to be added to paint for Protection Surface Coating Preservation. Our film preservatives protect coatings such as paints and plasters in the dry-state against attack by algae, fungi, and lichens. Because these biocides have very low solubility in water, leaching due to weather is not a concern.

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    Dry-film preservatives

    AVICIDE-P205 Proprietory blend

    AVICIDE-P205 is liquid composition based on a synergistic combination of distinct heterocycles that develop a cross activity and allow to obtain an effective antimicrobial action with very small doses.