Synmac  manufacture & supplier unique range detergent addtives under trade name POLYGON use as Anti-incrustation Agents in all kinds of cleaning formulas by virtue of their high chelation value and formation of stable complexes with heavy metals. Besides anti-incrustation properties, they enhance detergency, stabilise bleach components and assist in stain removal.

  • DETPOL N, A, & C series nonionic/anionic/cationic series surfactant used as a detergent cleaner and builder. They are effective wetting agents, dispersing agents, and emulsifiers. They can also be employed as the principal surfactants in detergent and cleaner formulations.
  • CRYSTOGEN polymers are used as anti-redeposition agents due to their high dispersing abilities. Many CRYSTOGEN products also have high chelation values to provide anti-incrustation properties to cleaning formulas.
  • POLYGON DR series products are performance-oriented chemicals with very high chelation values and excellent anti-scalant abilities. These are cost-effective alternatives to NTA, EDTA, polyphosphates etc. used in Industrial & Institutional Cleaners.