Detergent Polymer

Detergent Polymers for I & I Laundry


Synmac offers CRYSTOGEN series detergent polymersfor soil removal and superior soil antiredeposition in industrial and institutional laundry detergent formulations.Poly acrylic acid emulsion - best surfactant and dispersing agent available in liquid and powder forms in various pH.Best water soflner and it will reduce the consumption of STPP in detergents. Mainly used in all detergent cake, Powder, Liquid , Hand wash liquid ,Dish wash liquid Multipurpose cleaners and Dish wash bar productions. This high sequestering, caustic soluble, chlorine-stable copolymer complements the existing line of CRYSTOGEN polycarboxylates. CRYSTOGEN polymers are used as anti-redeposition agents due to their high dispersing abilities.  Our water-soluble polymers are used as anti-redeposition additives due to their high dispersing abilities. CRYSTOGEN polymers are used to disperse the dirt removed from fabric. They prevent the re-deposition of the dirt.

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    Detergent Polymer

    CRYSTOGEN 105 Polymer blend

    CrystoGEN 105   is a new generation builder substituting all conventional builders and co builders including polyacrylate and acrylic- maleic copolymers, It is a strongly hydrophilic polymer, precisely engineered to maximize detergency for detergent powders and cakes.

    CRYSTOGEN 300A Acrylic Homopolymer

    It is a modified polyacrylic acid polymer fully neutralized as a sodium salt used as a dispersing agent in systems containing active chlorine, as an antiscalant, and a dispersing agent for inorganic solids.