Detergent Surfactants

Surfactants For Detergent Builder

Surfactants, also called surface active agents, are organic chemicals that change the properties of water (see Chemistry.) By lowering the surface tension of water, surfactants enable the cleaning solution to wet a surface (e.g., clothes, dishes, countertops) more quickly, so soil can be readily loosened and removed (usually with the aid of mechanical action).


SynSurf* A/N/C/AM series anionic/nonionic/cationic/amphoteric series used as a detergent cleaner and builder.

  • SynSurf-A series anionic are used in laundry and hand dishwashing detergents; household cleaners;
  • SynSurf-N series nonionic, low sudsing and used in laundry and automatic dishwasher detergents and rinse aids.
  • SynSurf-C series cationic, used in fabric softeners and in fabric-softening laundry detergents.
  • SynSurf-AM series amphoteric used in personal/household cleansing  for their mildness, sudsing and stability


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    Detergent Surfactants

    SynSurf* NI10 Polyglycol Ethers blend

    SynSurf-NI10 is a nonionic surfactant used with detergent formulations to improve properties of the liquid soap, liquid detergent, floor cleaners and hand wash cleaners.

    SynSurf* T80 polyethylene sorbitol ester

    SynSurf T80 is a nonionic surfactant can be used with particular effect in the biotechnological preparation of microbial enzymes. It increases the microbial formation of enzymes like cellulose, ligninase and linamarase significantly.