Detergent Enzymes

Enzymes For Detergent

Synmac detergent enzymes deliver unique solutions that perform over a broad range of temperatures, remain stable under variable and extreme conditions, are cost-effective, remove difficult stains and have a neutral odor. Our portfolio comprises a range of high-quality enzyme products and preparations, all manufactured using state-of-the art technologies that support sustainability and efforts for a cleaner environment, and reduce our own and customers’ environmental footprint. DETLASE* series enzymes add to detergents for remove protein from clothes soiled with blood, milk, sweat, grass, etc. far more effectively than non-enzyme detergents.


DETLASE* series products for the detergent industry looks as follows, most products are available in liquid as well as solid form, and in different concentrations. Please contact your local sales office for further details as well as with inquiries about special products not listed here.

Products Chemistry Applications TDS SDS

    Detergent Enzymes

    DETLASE* A10 Amylase blend

    DETLASE A10 is used to remove residues of starch-based foods like potatoes, spaghetti, custards, gravies and chocolate and can be used in laundry detergents as well as in dishwashing detergents.

    DETLASE* CE Cellulases blend

    DETLASE CL is a enzyme blend; some dirt particles are trapped in the network of microfibrils and are released when the microfibrils are removed by the enzyme also has a significant softening effect on the fabric, probably due to the removal of the microfibrils.

    DETLASE* LE Lipases and biosurfactant blend

    DETLASE LE is used to remove oily and fatty stains particularly to materials made up of a blend of cotton and polyester. It is effectively work at lower washing temperatures removal of grease spots.

    DETLASE* P40 Alkaline protease

    DETLASE P40 is an enzymes used in detergent formulations to remove protein based strains eg; grass, blood, mucous, faecal materials and various food such as egg & gravy. 

    DETLASE* X8L Lipolytic enzyme

    DETLASE X8L  is a liquid enzyme is used in the detergent formulations to remove fat containing stains. Such as those resulting from frying fats, salad oils, butter, fat based sauces, certain cosmetics eg; lipstick etc.