Boiler Water Chemicals

Innovative & Reliable Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

AQUAZINE® B series- Innovation of Boiler Internal Treatment

Synmac developed a full line of proprietary formulations for the internal boiler water treatment chemicals. We offer all type boilers internal water treatment programmed, our wide variety of specifically formulated products to control corrosion, maintain clean heat transfer surfaces and minimize blow down.


AQUAZINE® complete water treatment programs for high, medium & low pressure boilers, products include water-side chemicals for boiler such as antiscalants, sludge Conditioner, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, scale control agents, oxygen scavengers, and neutralising/film forming amines, combined with novel monitoring and control capabilities, these programs help optimize your operations and costs. In addition, we have developed a series of chemicals to improve boiler combustion efficiency, to prevent high-temperature-zone corrosion, and to impede the formation of fireside residue deposits. We provide the following solutions for industrial boilers.

  • Antiscalent & Sludge Conditioners
  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • Alkalinity Builder
  • pH Boosters
  • All Volatile Treatment (AVT)
  • Condensate Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Fuel & Fireside Additives
  • Cleaning Chemicals
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    Boiler Water Chemicals

    AQUAZINE® B100 One Drum Product

    It is a complete liquid formulation scale and corrosion control for steam boilers in a single package. Includes sulfite for oxygen pitting, polymers and phosphonates for scale inhibition and an amine for condensate line corrosion control.

    AQUAZINE® B120 One Drum Product (Scale, Corrosion & Alkalinity Builder)

    All-In-One boiler treatment that protects the boiler, feedwater tank, and condensate lines from scale and corrosion.