Drinking Water Treatment

Chemicals for Potable Water

Synmac manufactures a wide range of drinking water treatment chemicals such as AQUAZINE D potable water stabilizer series are a combination of polyphosphates having stabilising properties, effectively and economically provides scale and corrosion control in potable water and other water systems. Our range includes biocidal products for continuous dosing of water systems and for tank cleaning and down water services disinfections. The treatment process for freshwater using a following chemicals method-

  • Pre-treatment:  Freshwater is moved through fine screens to remove solid objects like fish, logs and leaves.
  • Flocculation: Fine particles are then removed using a chemical that makes the particles clump together (flocculate) and settle to the bottom.
  • Coagulation —added to help bacteria and small particles stick together, forming larger particles.
  • Filtration: Larger particles are caught and removed as the water flows through a layer of sand or a combination of fine-grained sand and crushed anthracite (coal).
  • Disinfection: The water is then disinfected with chlorine to destroy pathogens, like viruses, bacteria and microbes.
  • Fluoridation - To help prevent tooth decay, fluoride is added in small amounts — less than one milligram per litre.
  • pH correction – AQUAZINE D series are used to neutralise the pH of the water, as it is slightly acidic from the chlorine and fluoride previously added.
  • Floatation - Particles are made to sink or float to separate them from the water, allowing them to be easily removed.



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    Drinking Water Treatment

    AQUAZINE® D922 Corrosion Inhibitor

    It is a corrosion inhibitor for the protection of drinking water and domestic water systems which is harmless at normal use levels. It is effective in controlling corrosion in pipe lines and storage tanks, particularly where supply water is either softened or naturally low in alkalinity, resulting in ‘Red Water’ and general corrosion, which can be particularly troublesome in Hospitals and Hotels.