Cooling Water Chemicals

Choosing the right cooling water treatment programmed takes experience!!!


Synmac has developed a full line of cooling water systems treatment chemicals designed to proper control of    water for cooling in maintaining the efficiency of heat exchangers and cooling towers. Synmac design total  programs to accomplish to keep plant systems free of corrosion and deposits and to do it cost effectively. Our all   products scale, corrosion, biocide and deposit inhibitors improve heat transfer, minimize downtime, prolong equipment life and reduce total cost of operation.


 AQUAZINE® C series - Innovation of Cooling Water Treatment

  Synmac's offers a wide range of state-of-the-art products, hardness stabilizing agents, dispersants, corrosion inhibitors and biocides – for open and closed systems.


Corrosion, Scale & Deposit Control:

 AQUAZINE® C series deposit control products and corrosion inhibitors improve heat transfer, minimize downtime, prolong equipment life and reduce total cost of operation. We have provide orthophosphate, polyphosphate, zinc, azole based proven corrosion inhibitors, and polymer based scale control agent works efficiently in highly stressed condition.


Microbiological Control:

AVICIDE® range oxidizing and non-oxidizing micro-biocides/bactericides are specifically designed to control microbiological fouling in cooling towers, heat exchangers and other system components.

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    Cooling Water Chemicals

    AQUAZINE® C728 All-Organic Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors

    Synergistic blend of anionic polymeric sequestrants, dispersants and organic sequestring agents of phosphonate type, work effectively for water having soft to medium hard water.