Foam Preventive Agent

Minining Industry Defoamers

Synmac’s FoamSpun* M series defoamers are either silicone-based or non-silicone types depending on the process conditions of their use. FoamSpun* antifoams prevent foam formation or build-up in many industrial applications and serve to aid trouble-free mineral processing. FoamSpun* M series types are used, besides others, for the prevention of foam cavitation in pumps or for the prevention of mineral-laden froth build up on thickener surfaces.

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    Foam Preventive Agent

    FOAMSPUN* M100AF Polyalkylene glycols

    FoamSpun-M100AFwhich has been developed for the production of phosphoric acid, is designed to be used as an antifoam agent as well as a defoamer in extreme acidic environment.This product is very effective at very low dosage levels.