Dewatering Aids

Dewatering Aids For Mining

Dewatering aids are used to reduce the moisture content in the filtration of mineral slurries, such as sulfide flotation concentrates, iron ore concentrates and coal concentrates and tailings and alumina trihydrate in the Bayer process. Synmac dewatering aids can significantly increase production rates and lower energy and transportation costs. SYNSURF* series Filtration Aids are surface tension reducing surfactants used to reduce moisture content of filter cakes and centrifuged solids

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    Dewatering Aids

    SYNSURF* M100S water-dispersible silicone glycol

     Mineral slurries are effectively dewatered by a process employing a SYNSURF-M100S as a dewatering aid.  The use of the SYNSURF-M100Sl provides for reduced moisture content and/or increased production rate in a mineral slurry dewatering process.

    SYNSURF* M50L Organic Surfactants

    SynSurf-M50L is a filter cake dewatering aid for the mineral processing; used to aid the removal of residual water from the filter cake formed when dewatering a range of different mineral slurries. It is particularly effective in gravity and vacuum filtration applications.