Synmac has a full line of process chemicals for manufacture of beet sugar for improvement in sugar production by using our process aids with our foam control technologies. Our comprehensive line includes pan surfactants, scale inhibitors, and products to assist in juice clarifi cation, specially designed to create value for the factory___ beet handling (reception, storage and washing, chip recovery and flume water treatment), slicing, pulp pressing, juice purification and filtration systems.


Synmac offers the broadest line of products to address the diverse foaming opportunities found in a beet sugar processing facility. AviFoam® antifoams and processing aids are used in the manufacture of sugar from beet and cane. Our range of formulated antifoam solutions effectively prevent the buildup of foam during beet washing, sugar extraction, crystallisation and desugarisation, therefore optimising sugar production.


Synmac offers one of the most comprehensive product technology ranges to the sugar processing market. Our specialty chemical line products, allow us to meet all of your chemical needs. Allow one of our technical reps to survey your facility to show how we can help.