Disinfectant & Biocides

Beet Sugar Disinfectants 

Synmac offers AVICIDE-B range disinfectants and biocides based on  various oxidizing/non-oxidizing formulation to attacking by the enzyme Invertase it controls the development of the same (especially Leuconostoc Mesenteroids) avoiding the production of viscous fermentations that cause waste and low quality juice with high viscosity, resulting in loss of sugar. AVICIDE-B range disinfectants highly effective agents against formation of NO2 and anaerobic infections in tower extractors, which are often operated intentionally under lactic acid fermentation conditions.


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    Disinfectant & Biocides

    AVICIDE* B22 complex blend of organic compound, surfactant, stabilizer and buffering agent

    AVICIDE-B22 is a liquid disinfectant based on organic oxidizing agents use as a disinfectant during the diffusion process helps reduce microbial problems, prevents inversion of sucrose, and reduces acid (e.g., acetic, butyric, and lactic acids) formation.   It destroys fungi, yeast and bacteria that cause the inversion of sucrose to glucose, levulose and other sugars that do not crystallize. 

    AVICIDE* BC40 Antibiotics blend

    Avicide BC40 is a organic antimicrobial based on dual antibiotics with special ingredient effective for bacteriostatic and bactericidal action of cane sugar mill. It is based on a antibiotic and natural synthesis is particularly effective against gram-positive bacteria such as Leuconostoc Mesenteroides.

    AVICIDE* JP60 Antibiotics blend

    Avicide JP60 is a organic liquid Beet Juice Preservator replacement of formaldehyde & halogen compound with also control drop in purity from clear juice to unsulphured syrup

    CANEZYME-L Enzyme blend

    CANEZYME-L is an enzymatic biocide which destroys Leuconostoc Mesenteroides and most microbial contaminants. It can be added at any point in the system and its impact is clearly seen in the final yield.

    DEXTRIN-100+ Biosurfactants

    It is a complex mixture of organic polymers and bio-surfactant for control dextran and colour in mixed juice & syrup. This is a natural biodegradable complex polymers that are produced directly by the micro-orgarnisms through a bacterial fermentation processes.

    SUCROCID* A88 Proprietory blend

    SUCROCID-A88 is a liquid high performance disinfectant/biocide reduces and effectively controls microbial activity and growth as well as sugar degradation and losses in the processing of sugar beets. It has a very low toxicity for humans and the environment and is found not to have adverse effects on process, color of the white crystalline sugar or any of the other end products.

    SUCROCID* DT Organosulphur blend

    SUCROCID DT is a liquid disinfectant used in beet sugar mills to treat the wash water (used to wash the beet roots), the diffuser system, and the raw juice. It should be added in diffuser systems, continuously to the diffuser water supply.

    SUCROCID* ZM Antibiotics blend

    SUCROCID* ZM is a very good efficacity in controlling bacteria contamination in diffusion step for sugar production. Used for a curative treatment, only one injection at 1 ppm level suppress a high level bacteria contamination. This product is, at least ; 20 times more efficient than biocids usually used and 100 times more than formaldehyde.