Evaporator Cleaner

Cleaning Agents For Evaporator

Synmac EVACLEAN* K series cleaners based on chelating agents, organic & inorganic acids to dissolve metal ion based scales and is used in many descaling applications – such as in removing or readily dissolves calcium carbonate, calcium oxalate, iron oxides, calcium phosphate, hydroxyapatite and aconitate, most often calcium and / or magnesium and many other scale types typically found in sugar juice evaporators. During juice evaporation, the heating surface area of sugar mill evaporators becomes increasingly scaled as a result of the deposition of inorganic and organic impurities. With increasing scale deposition the rate that heat can be transferred across the evaporator tubes is diminished and the net effect is a reduction in the capacity to concentrate juice to acceptable brix values.


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    Evaporator Cleaner

    EMULSYN* 1062 Surfactant blend

    EMULSYN-1062 is a liquid alkaline-stable surfactant; added to the caustic boilout solution. This has helped make the caustic cleanings more effective and has minimized foaming during boiling.

    EVACLEAN* CS75L Amine & Surfactant

    EVACLEAN-CS75L contains cationic inhibitors and non-ionic surfactants. Rapid wetting of the surfaces to be cleaned is ensured by reducing surface tension and consequently cleaning time. In addition oily contaminations are emulsified and the dirt particles are dispersed and easily removed in the rinse, which also has a disinfectant effect.

    EVACLEAN* DV20L Wetting Agent / Activator for Alkaline and Neutral Solutions

    EVACLEAN-DV20L is a mixture of active cleaning substances in neutral and alkaline solutions at very small additives with high cleansing properties. It have been specifically designed for use as convenient, economical, and safe cleaning agents to remove scale in the evaporators, vacuum pans and heat exchangers of the beet sugar industry.

    EVACLEAN* PM12L Polymers blend

    EVACLEAN-PM12L contains a combination of polymeric compounds with dispersing and sequestering properties in an optimum blend. It is not volatile at high temperatures and practically resistant to hydrolysis and a successful alkaline cleaning of the evaporators scaled with calcium oxalate deposits or mixed scales of calcium oxalate and silicates.

    EVACLEAN* SC88L non-ionic, low foaming concentrated surfactant blend

    EVACLEAN-SC88L is a alkaline cleaner blend of sequestering agents and surfactants for the elimination of sugar scales consisting of highly degraded organic substances can be formed in heat exchangers of the raw juice area, at the steam or juice side of evaporators and vacuum pans. It demonstrates excellent stability to salts, and is very stable at high pH and high temperatures. It is recommended for highly alkaline cleaning of evaporators and many other hard surface cleaning applications.

    SCALSOFT* EC20L Solvents blend

    SCALSOFT EC20L is organic based external cleaner used for external cleaning of the brass tubes (steam side) of the calandrias such as evaporator sets,juice heaters pans,vapor cells and vapor lime, juice heaters in sugar factories.

    SYNSURF* SF25L Polyglucoside & Fatty Acids

    SYNSURF-SF25L penetration aid helps the caustic or acid to penetrate through the scale thickness and allows it to reach behind the scale. It ultimately softens and loosens the scale of distillation columns. It reduces the cost of descaling by reducing consumption of caustic soda and acid.