Coagulant & Flocculant

Coagulants & Flocculants

SYNFLOC™ series anionic flocculants based on PAM for increasing the sludge sedimentation speed in the decanters for lime and carbon dioxide purification (where present) and to improve the clarification of the juice. After harvested, sugar beets are washed to remove loose dirt. The water used for this purpose can be purified and recycled with the help of SYNFLOC™ flocculants. Synmac  SYNFLOC™ series are also used in the mechanical de-watering of harvested beets on chamber filter presses, membrane filter presses or decanter centrifuges.  Synmac also offer AVISTOL™ series cationic coagulants; most suited for the beet sugar process for colour removal. 


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    Coagulant & Flocculant

    BESTFLOC A510 Anionic Polyacrylamide

    BESTFLOC A510 is a specially designed anionic polymer that is used as a flocculant in the clarification and filtration of beet sugar  juice and increase settling rate and thereby reducing the retention time in the clarification stage.

    BESTFLOC C611 Polyacrylamide co-polymer

    Cationic polymeric flocculant is a kind of linear macromolecular compounds dissolve in water, the molecular weight between 600-12 million, cationic PAM in acidic or alkaline medium is electropositive, such can effectively suspended particles in the sewage wastewater with negatively charged for flocculation precipitation.