Crystallizing Aids

Beet Sugar Crystallizing Aids

In the beet sugar industry as SYNSURF* series organic food grade surfactants uses at all stages of the production process; especially reduce the viscosity of cooking mass and also work at high tempreture antifoaming agents. It all are effective crystallizing aid, and also have high defoaming ability and effective at low concentrations. Our SYSURF* series surfactant viscosity reducers/crystallizing aids by adding the massecuite centrifugation and quality of sugar could be improving by reducing film bittern. 

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    Crystallizing Aids

    SYNSURF* M400 Fatty acid food grade esters

    SYNSURF M400 is a low foam high temperature non-ionic crystallization aid used for Raw and Refined Sugar for reduces viscosity of the boiling magma and can increase the brix to obtain more sugar grains. It is especially used in the mingler of a refined sugar process to wash out the adherent molasses on the sugar grains.

    SYNSURF* V100 Fatty acid esters

    SYNSURF V100 is a solid product specially designed beet sugar industry to lower viscosity of massecuites, reduce surface tension and improve boiling efficiency, crystallization, centrifugation and exhaustion of molasses, also can be used as defoamer for evaporation system.

    SYNSURF* VR Sucrose base Esters

    SYNSURF-VR is a sucrose-based surfactants for increasing the fluidity of massecuites to provide better circulation, improved heat exchange characteristics, and more efficient operation in beet sugar processing systems.