Synamc manufactures fermentation innovative processing aids to improve fermentation and overall efficiency and ethanol yields. Synamc develops and offers products and services—present from the beginning to the end of the process—that are highly efficient and of excellent quality. Synmac has several products related to the process of fermentation and distillation that lead to ethanol production.

FoamSpun®, series antifoam and defoamers to kill and prevent foam in the process and in the length of time it remains effective in the demanding conditions of the fermenter. Our portfolio includes novel FDA-complies process chemistries designed to improve evaporator efficiency, increase corn oil yield, enhance the fermentation process and replace antibiotics

SynTol® products line are antimicrobial and antibiotics effectively control undesirable microorganisms while simultaneously promoting and aiding yeast propagation in the ethanol fermentation process; specifically designed for high gravity fermentations that are also tolerant to higher temperatures and ethanol levels, resulting in lower glycerol production. 

During distillation, SynZin™, the scale inhibitors product line, often results in an operation with fewer interruptions, resulting in an improved use of its assets. Finally, AquaZine®, series water treatment chemicals for boiler, cooling, effluent, membrane & process.