Fermentation Defoamers

Bioethanol Defoamers

FERMFOAM™ DF series specifically designed to reduce and help prevent the formation of foam in the fermenters. FOAMSPUN™ DF series are designed for the distillation columns and the wine sludge concentration. These defoamer products are available in a variety chemical formulations to address virtually any foam issue and regulatory requirement.



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    Fermentation Defoamers

    FERMFOAM* FB9 Bend of polymer and fatty acid

    FERNFOAM-FB9 is a versatile defoamer specifically designed for the control of the foam in fermentation processes at temperatures above 25°C. It is particularly suitable for the ethanol production from sugar raw juice or molasses, during the fermentation and distillation steps.

    FERMFOAM* FM2 Fatty acid and food grade esters

    FERMFOAM-FM2 is a 100% active non mineral oil, non silicone, low foaming, demulsifier designed to destabilize and de-aerate emulsified oil colloids while also acting as an effective lubricity additive for improved oil recovery in high speed centrifugal oil separation applications.