Ethanol Corrosion Inhibitor

Detergents & Corrosion Inhibitors

CORROHIB* C series rust and corrosion inhibitors protect the metal surface against corrosion in a variety of lubricant applications. Some inhibitors neutralize acids; others form protective films. SYNCORN* detergents are excellent rust and corrosion inhibitors because they protect in both ways. CORROHIB* CK inhibiting the corrosion effect for steel in ethanol fuel blend, provide excellent results the formation of the protective film on steel surface.  


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    Ethanol Corrosion Inhibitor

    CORROHIB* CK Proprietory blend

    CORROHIB-CK provides corrosion inhibition and pHe buffering to neutralize acids and alkalinity that can be present in fuel ethanol. It can be added to ethanol or to denaturant.