Fermentation Antibiotics

Fuel Ethanol Antibiotics

Synmac fermentation aids (antiobiotics) portfolio effectively control undesirable microorganisms while simultaneously promoting and aiding yeast propagation in the ethanol fermentation process. Our LACTOSYN* series antibiotics which are made from various combination utilize smaller amounts of an antibiotic or a combination of antibiotics than currently being used to target and act as bactericidal and/or bacteristatic to control contaminating bacteria in fermentation, such as a bacterial contaminant found in the production of fuel alcohols, beverage alcohols and industrial alcohols while improving production yield.


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    Fermentation Antibiotics

    LACTOSYN* F40V Macrolide Antibiotics

    It is a powerful macrolide antimicrobial effective against a wide range of gram positive bacteria that commonly infect fuel ethanol fermentations.

    LACTOSYN* F40V+ Macrolide Antibiotics

    LACTOSYN-F40V+ antimicrobial is used as a bacterial growth inhibitor and is intended for use in fuel ethanol fermentations. It is stable over a broad pH range (3.5 – 5.8) and temperatures of up to 115°F (46.1˚C).

    LACTOSYN* F50L Antibiotics blend

    LACTOSYN-F50L is a highly concentrated, broad-spectrum antibiotic designed to control problematic bacteria under wide operating conditions within fuel ethanol plants. It is formulated to provide superior infection control by targeting both bacterial protein and cell wall synthesis. 

    LACTOSYN* F72Z Blend of antibiotics

    LACTOSYN-F72Z developed exclusively for use in controlling bacterial contamination in ethanol fermentation. It has exceptional activity against many Gram-positive bacteria that are known to commonly contaminate ethanol fermentation and processing, especially Lactobacillus and Leuconostoc species that are particularly destructive to efficient ethanol production.

    LACTOSYN* FA12 Antibiotics blend

    LACTOSYN-FA12 is contains a proprietary combination of antibiotics that inhibit the broadcast range of fermentation contaminants, used an antimicrobial product for use in fuel ethanol fermentations.

    LACTOSYN* FA22 Antibiotics blend

    LACTOSYN-FA22 antimicrobial is especially effective in controlling gram-positive bacteria. It  is suitable for both low pH and high temperature fermentations and should be added during the fermentation phase of alcohol production.

    LACTOSYN* G99+ Antibiotics blend

    LACTOSYN-G99+ is a multi component beta lactam antimicrobial effective against a wide range of gram positive bacteria that  commonly infect fuel ethanol fermentations. It is unique antimicrobial for controlling bacterial contamination during ethanol fermentation. It is a powerful antibacterial agent, stable and effective throughout fermentation.  

    LACTOSYN* P7 beta-lactam antibiotics

    LACTOSYN-P7 is a  antimicrobial product   is fast acting and is effective immediately upon addition to treat Gram-positive bacteria. It is disrupts the formation of the bacteria cell wall, which makes the bacteria absorb water and literally split apart (cell lysis).