Scale Inhibitors

Antiscalants & Scale Inhibitors

Synmac offers a HYDROX* B series of scale inhibitors and antiscalants for controlling the formation of virtually any type of scale, including common calcium scales and less common barium, magnesium, manganese, silicate and sulfate scales.  HYDROX* B series scale inhibitor products are significantly reduces the potential for scale formation of the evaporators, heat exchangers and associated piping, pumps and tanks. 


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    Scale Inhibitors

    CRYSTOPOL* SW Blend of natural polysaccharides

    CRYSTOPOL-SW  is an liquid antiscalent that controls scale formation in distillery rectifier column , spent wash evaporators and reboilers etc; It is normally added to the wash fed o distillation column just before or enter the column.

    HYDROX* B12A Low molecular weight polymers

    HYDROX-B12A is designed to help fuel ethanol producers control scale in the evaporator, thereby improving heat transfer and reducing downtime.

    HYDROX* B7 blend of polymer and organo polymer

    HYDROX-B7 is al iquid antiscalent use for fermented wash which keeps the scale forming ions in the solution form and thereby the scaling tendency is minimize.

    HYDROX* B8 Blend of polycarboxylic acid & PMA

    HYDROX-B8  an polymeric liquid antiscalent for concentrated spent wash that controls inorganic scale formation. Small amounts of this copolymer, based on maleic acid, effectively handles large quantities of dissolved salts, thus preventing precipitation, settling and baking onto heat transfer surfaces.