Process Antifoams

Antifoaming Agents For Bioethanol Production

Synmac offers a wide range of antifoams and defoamers for the ethanol industry for the control foam, assist in processing at all stages of the ethanol production. AVIFOAM* E series foam control agents are particularly well suited for sugarcane bioethanol fermentation processes. Prior to bioethanol fermentation, AVIFOAM* E series foam control agents are added to the fermentation broth to minimize foam formation during the fermentation process.  


Products Chemistry Applications TDS SDS

    Process Antifoams

    AVIFOAM* E303AF Combination of higher fatty acid esters

    AVIFOAM* E303AF is a highly effective antifoam concentrate, designed specifically for use in grain and sugar molasses based fermentations. It has been proven to provide excellent antifoaming properties in fermentation applications as the production bio-ethanol.

    AVIFOAM* E3923AF Polyalkoxylate with fatty acid esters

    AVIFOAM* E3923AF is an 100% active, antifoaming agent designed to control foam in wet corn milling. It is a concentrated foam control agent that gives outstanding foam control in demanding applications such as yeast and bioethanol manufacture. 

    AVIFOAM* E503AF Combination of alkylene oxides

    AVIFOAM E503AF is a non-silicone concentrated antifoam processing aid that gives outstanding foam control in demanding applications for fermentation processes including wheat, corn and molasses.

    AVIFOAM* E71S Silicone polymer, non-ionic surfactant and silica in water

    AVIFOAM E7120S silicone antifoam emulsion designed to give maximum efficiency under a wide variety of conditions.