Yeast Defoamers

Antifoam & Defoamers For Fresh Yeast

Synmac FOAMSPUN™ yeast defoaming compounds portfolio for the suppression of foaming in yeast fermentation without the inhibition of yeast growth or the premature softening or liquefaction of the yeast when compressed. These defoamers  are ideal for use in various yeast industries because they participate in the conduct of fermentation processes. Synmac offers further auxiliaries EMULSYN™ series for the yeast industry including extrusion aids, emulsifiers and brightener for baker's yeast. 


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    Yeast Defoamers

    FOAMSPUN* Y100DF polysilicone oil/Ether

    Foamspun Y100DF  is an excellent candidate to be considered for use in fermentation processes including in mold and fungal fermentations. It also has application in sugar beet processing and yeast fermentation. It is 100% silicone antifoam compound can help provide superior foam control during aerobic fermentations, including bacterial and fungal (yeast) fermentations, and maximize fermentor capacities through excellent performance and durability.

    FOAMSPUN* Y75AF Fatty acid esters

    Foamdmspun Y75AF is a concentrated and versatile foam control agent specifically designed to operate at temperatures above 25oC. It is particularly suitable for use in the production of ethanol from raw sugar juice or molasses in both the fermentation and distillation stages.

    FOAMSPUN* Y77AF Polyglycol Ether

    Foamspun Y77AF is a specially developed for use in fermentation broths to produce optimal defoaming activity, minimal growth inhibition, and high resistance of the treated yeasts to softening and liquefaction. Even an overdosage of 10 times the quantity required for adequate foam inhibition does not produce any significant adverse effects.

    FOAMSPUN* Y80AF non-ionic emulsifier & oil-miscible fluidizing carrier

    Foamspun Y80AF is destroying foam in foamable liquids in a yeast fermentation process. It is very good antifoaming properties remain effective over a long period of time thus resulting in lower quantities required.