Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals For Bioethanol Refinery



Synmac can help biofuel producers cut energy and water use, reduce downtime, enhance equipment reliability, and streamline and improve production processes. Our AQUAZINE B series portfolio for your internal boiler treatment needs will help address, eliminate and prevent scaling, corrosion, deposition and steam carryover problems.


AQUAZINE C series cooling water chemicals are excellent inhibition of calcium and magnesium salts and corrosion inhibitors protect it corrosion attack and AVICIDE series biocides inhibits the growth of sulfate reducing bacteria, algae and fungi. Synmac also offers a full line of ROZINE series membrane scale inhibitors which are designed for safe usage in your membrane system, including dechlorination, antiscalants, bio control, cleaners and filtration aids that are formulated to enhance the performance.


For Waste Water; we offer a wide range of coagulants and flocculants (AVISTOL & AVIFLOC series) for the control TSS reduction, final pH and sludge volume use of treated effluent water in cellulosic ethanol production.


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    Water Treatment Chemicals

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