As the largest supplier of speciality chemicals in India and a leading developer of chemicals for the pulp and paper industry, Synmac has demonstrated a commitment to helping pulp and paper manufacturers optimize their processes and control costs.  With our extensive range of PEPSYN* and FOAMSPUN® products___ Synmac is a supplier of choice for many pulp and paper functional process chemicals.

Synmac has set the industry standard for defoamer technology in pulping and papermaking. Our R&D chemists have pioneered innovative chemistries, which include new wet and dry strength additives for papermaking and chelants, sequestrants, and dispersants for use in your pulping and bleaching process.  We are a manufacturer of polymers, drainage aids, deposit control agents, felt conditioners and biocides. We will provide you with the best programs which are specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Our wide range of Surface chemicals, internal sizing, Retention and drainage aid, coagulant and flocculants for use in paper machine systems and in waste water treatment plants. Avifloc® P range of retention products has been specifically developed to be used as the single retention product. These products are also used in combination with inorganic or organic coagulants or in treatment system together with a micro-particle.

The Avistol® P range of coagulants find application as charge neutralizers of anionic trash, fixing agent and controlling stickies in the coated broke system and in combination with AKD and ASA sizes to improve fixing and cure rate.