Deinking Chemicals

De-inking Chemicals

Synmac has a range of de-inking chemicals to meet the requirements of re-cycling office waste and roadside collections for the production of various grades of paper and board including Tissue, Printing & Writing papers, "white top" board and Newsprint. These chemicals are either added to the pulping process or are introduced just before flotation to collect the ink.


Synmac's de-inking agents, developed with our surface and fat science technologies, are the best in terms of flotation-type de-inking systems, and enable production of high grade recycled paper. We offer a variety of de-inking agents for flotation systems, including products for all types of used paper. Our team of professionals would work with you to select the most appropriate products to meet your specific needs.

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    Deinking Chemicals

    SYNSURF* FA2 Nonionic surfactant fatty alcohol

    It is Good ink collect ability, Good valance of foaming and defoaming ability, versatile de-inking chemicals compound which helps in removal of ink particles for pulp. 

    SYNSURF* FA5 Nonionic surfactant fatty alcohol

    SYNSURF* FA5 is a High performance ink stripping and collecting ability. It helps to loosen the printing ink from the paper and disperse the same, thus effectively removing the inks.