Sizing Chemicals

Internal & Surface Sizing Chemicals

Synmac offers a full range of sizing agents (Internal & Surface) to help papermakers improve the aqueous holdout of their products, whether it be a printing paper or packaging board that must meet a specific performance standard. Our internal sizing agents come in a number of chemical compositions — alkyl ketene dimer (AKD) size, alkyl succinic anhydride (ASA) size and rosin size — for superior hydrophobicity, retention and distribution in acid, neutral or alkaline sizing environments. And, our portfolio of surface sizing agents includes a variety of products that improve the water resistance and oil resistance of food contact papers.


Synmac SynSize* series internal alkaline sizes include AKD, ASA and ASA emulsifying agents, each product achieves objective to offer differentiated chemistries at exceptional values to the paper-making industry.SynSize* AKD size is offered on acceptable solids basis and extraordinary performance efficiency. Similarly SynSize* ASA sizing system provides distinctive cost effectiveness. Our Surface sizes agent SynCote* seies based on SMA, SAE chemistries; meet the unique needs in newsprint, linerboard, carrier board and gypsum applications.

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    Sizing Chemicals

    SYNCOTE* SSA Proprietory blend

    SYNCOTE-SSA surface strength agent commonly used to enhance surface strength of fine paper, coated paper, coated board, linerboard, newsprint etc. It also can reduce fuzz that sometimes appears on the paper surface after printing.

    SYNSIZE* AKD10 AKD & Surfactant

    SYNSIZE-AKD10 wax emulsion for alkaline paper sizing. The product is tailor-made to suit furnish and papermaking processes found in India. AKD emulsions are cellulose reactive internal sizing agents suited to work at a pH > 7.

    SYNSIZE* AS55 alkenyl succinic anhydride.

    SYNSIZE-AS55  reactive size alkaline internal sizing agent, It provides strong water-resistance to paper.