Pulp & Paper Enzymes


LeucoZin® P product families offer new, bio-friendly solutions to improve the processes and gain significant economic benefits. Improved efficiency reduced material costs, increased throughput, lower energy requirements, and less downtime due to process contaminants. Best of all, these benefits happen without requiring extensive changes to existing equipment or processes. We’ll tailor the pulp and paper enzymes for your process.


Synmac has a wide range of enzymes to meet specific objectives. Several types of enzymes are used in the packaging and board segment to achieve specific objectives. Typically, these include refining energy reduction, fibre modification, fines management and viscosity modification of starches. Depending on the raw materials and finished products, requirements differ from time to time in specific mills and vary considerably across mills. 

Products Chemistry Applications TDS SDS


    LEUCOZIN* P35 Enzyme blend

    LEUCOZIN P35  is a  bleaching enzyme is  used to cleave hemicelluloses in fiber, making the bleaching process more effective. It May be able to reduce bleaching chemicals by up to 30%  and can improve brightness.

    LEUCOZIN* P38 Enzyme blend

    It is a pitch control enzyme used to control pitch in pulping processes. It converts tri-glycerides to fatty acids which are more stable in water, won’t deposit as much.

    LEUCOZIN* P45 Enzyme Blend

    LEUCOZIN P45 is a enzyme blend for deinking process in paper recycling inks and stickies attach to fibers at the surface of the fibers, stuck to microfibrils and help breakdown ink particles.

    LEUCOZIN* P50L Enzyme Blend

    It is enzymes as stickies treatment  used to break ester bonds in polymers used in toners and adhesives. LEUCOZIN P50L is reducing microstickies will make a significant impact on macrostickies, Improved paper cleanliness and Less deposits, less clean up on PM.

    LEUCOZIN* P58R Enzyme blend

    It is a refinery enzyme for decrease energy in refining cause partial depolymerization of cellulose and swelling of fibers, more flexible fibers. It's improves efficiency of refining, can decrease energy consumption or obtain improved strength at higher freeness.

    LEUCOZIN* P88W Enzyme blend

    It is Improved biodegradability of pulp mill waste water used to degrade cellulose and other high molecular weight polymers. It's hydrolysis of cellulose fines by enzymes to lower molecular weight sugars that are more biodegradable.

    LEUCOZIN* P99BD Enzyme blend

    LEUCOZIN* P99BD is a liquid proprietory blend enzyme used as biodispersants or enzyme boil-outs, cleave protein molecules in deposits and solubilize deposits.

    LEUCOZIN8 P92B Enzyme blend

    It is amylase enzyme clean ups / Boil outs to treat starch deposits in clean ups of starch preparation/application equipment.