Microbiocides & Slimicides

Biocide For Paper Mill


Synamc has a wide range of microbiological control agents based on synergistic blends of non-oxidising products, including  halogens and non-halogen based oxidisers,  stabilised oxidisers,  monochloramine based oxidiser and bio-dispersants.Our range includes those which are suitable for use in the production of specialty grade papers, such as food contact, liquid packaging, mould proof paper, tissues, cigarette etc. These are formulated, to remove build-up of slime, pitch, other debris from dirty machines and process circuits. Deposits and their associated problems in a mill include sticky spots on rolls, plugged fabrics and felts, thin spots and holes in the sheet, breaks, poor runnability and dirt in the final product. Microbiological growth which is usually referred to as “slime” can cause numerous problems on a paper machine: breaks, unscheduled boil outs, holes and odors in products.


Synmac’s biocide program will keep your paper machine running at peak efficiency by controlling unwanted microbiological growth. our technical specialists have the experience and knowledge to recommend and then help you apply the correct biocide program for your paper machine and water system. 

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    Microbiocides & Slimicides

    AVICIDE* P10TC Aqueous solution of TCMTB

    AVICIDE-P10TC Thiocyanomethylthio) benzothiazole (TCMTB) based biocide, effective in controlling fungi and bacteria.

    AVICIDE* P12IS isothiazolene based

    AVICIDE-P12IS isothiazolene based non-oxidizing paper machine slimicide, effective in controlling slime, algae and bacteria.

    AVICIDE* P30DT Carbamate blend

    AVICIDE-P30DT blended carbamate compounds, powerful dispersants and stabilizers for synergistic effect for the control of microbiological growth during the manufacture of  paper.

    AVICIDE* P40B Liquid bromine

    AVICIDE-P40B  bromine based biocide, effective in controlling microbiological foulants like slime, algae, fungi and bacteria.

    AVICIDE* P50QC Dual quats

    AVICIDE-P50QC is a amine based  paper machine slimicide for effective against algae, fungi and bacteria.

    AVICIDE* P70Z Proprietory blend

    AVICIDE-P70Z is effective for the control of cellulose degrading, sulfate reducing and iron bacteria, all of which are slime producing.

    AVICIDE* P90M Proprietory blend

    AVICIDE-P90M is highly effective oxidizing microbiocide and slimicide, based on sodium bromide and a proprietary chemical compound, to be used in conjunction with sodium hypochlorite for all around microbial growth control.