Scale Control Agents

Paper Scale Control Agents

Synmac has a HYDROX* P range of scale control agents including custom blends of sequestrants, chelants and dispersants that helps prevent scale build up in critical areas.Whether your system suffers from calcium carbonate / oxalate, barium sulphate, sodium carbonate / sulphate or silicate deposits, hard or soft scales, we have the technological expertise to give you control over deposits.


HYDROX* P range scale control agents could be applied to all areas defined above or at any other areas of which scale formation may take place, including paper machine equipment such as screen, head box slice, showers, vacuum pumps etc. Our team of professionals would work with you to select the most appropriate products to meet your specific needs.

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    Scale Control Agents

    HYDROX* P40S Modified sequestrant

    HYDROX P40S allows to control bleaching processes with hydrogen peroxide through stabilization in a way that the highest possible degree of whiteness is achieved with little fibre damage. The product is suitable for processes with and without sodium silicate.

    HYDROX* P802 Acrylate copolymer

    HYDROX P802 is free from potassium and chloride, and therefore does not disturb the lye recycling. The highest stability to chemicals and temperatures allows the prevention of hardener deposits in heat exchangers, sieves, filters, pumps or other machine parts.

    HYDROX* P900 Modified polycarboxylates

    HYDROX P900 has an excellent sequestering and dispersing capacity towards alkaline earth metal ions and their salts. The product effectively prevents scale of insoluble inorganic salts and thereby contributes to increased productivity and to consistent pulp quality. Furthermore, it is particularly suitable for resin rich hardwood digesting processes in combination with tall oil.