Pulp & Paper Defoamers

Pulp & Paper Defoamer and Antifoamers

Synmac offers leading foam control technology to the pulp and paper industry. Our products include both silicone and non-silicone based technology. We have highly technical personnel that can recommend the most efficient product for your specific application. There is an extremely diverse set of chemical formulations, which can be effective either to prevent foam (anti-foam) or to destroy it, once it is formed (defoamer). Most foam­ fighting chemicals can serve either role. Synmac defoamers act as a dual effective agent for efficient foam control in paper manufacturing systems. Certain grades of defoamers are also used in the coating colour kitchen. 

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    Pulp & Paper Defoamers

    FOAMSPUN* P301 Fatty Acid Esters

    FOAMSPUN-P301 is 100% active, mineral oil free defoamer for water based paper coatings. It has very low VOC (less than 1%). It can be added “as is” into the coating process to control foam and act as deareator control throughout the coating process.

    FOAMSPUN* P330 Block polymers

    FOAMSPUN-P330 is a highly effective non-silicone antifoam additive for both coating and size press application.It is mineral oil free and very low VOC. It is very effective in acrylic, styrene/acrylic, polyvinyl alcohol, vinyl acetate and starch bound coatings.

    FOAMSPUN* P466W Higher vegetable oil fatty acids

    100% active nonionic defoamer. Very effective paper machine defoamer at very low dosages. Excellent product for tissue machine use. Not recommended for sized paper grades. Also effective in waste water treatment for digestors and aeration ponds with difficult starch and protein stabilized foams.

    FOAMSPUN* P493W Fatty Alcohol based

    Economical water based oil free, silicone free defoamer for paper machine and wastewater. Provides very consistent performance during system upsets and temperature swings (60 to 150° F). Good storage stability.

    FOAMSPUN* P740 Silicone Oil & Surfactant

    FOAMSPUN-P740 is medium-grade silicone defoamer, good foam suppression performance, long-term performance, high compatibility. A highly effective silicone antifoam for both coating and size press that provides excellent compatibility in most systems. It is very effective for the control of microfoam.

    FOAMSPUN* P800 PDMS & Glycol ether

    FOAMSPUN-P800 is highly effective silicone defoaming emulsions designed for hot alkaline process systems such as kraft pulp washing. It is good knock down and persistent deaeration in demanding applications make this a truly unique cost effective brown stock defoamer.

    FOAMSPUN* P840 Proprietory Blend

    FOAMSPUN-P840 is effective in demanding hot alkaline process applications such as kraft pulp washing.It is very good knock-down and moderate persistence make this product suitable for deinking and most industrial applications. It has minimal interference with the end product or process.