Pitch Control Agents

Pitch Control Agents

Synmac has a wide range of pitch control agents under trade name PITCHZIN* for different raw material furnishes and specific purposes. Our pitch control agents are a synergic blend of either non-ionic surfactants or anionic dispersant specially designed to aid the removal of pitch from the fibre and to stabilize the pitch in a colloidal form for easy removal by washing process. Our range of products performs in a wide pH ranging from 3 to 10, some of which are based on encapsulation technology.


PITCHZIN*  series Pitch control agents / dispersants are usually dosed at multiple feed points in the brown stock washing process, O2 delignification, thickener before bleach plant and outlet of DO stage (inlet to EO stage) of bleaching system.


Our team of professionals would work with you to select the most appropriate products to meet your specific needs.

Products Chemistry Applications TDS SDS

    Pitch Control Agents

    PITCHZIN PCA Proprietory blend

    Mixtures of  organic polymers and dispersants that prevent the small pitch particles from accumulating and then fixing these small particles to the fiber for mostly Pulp production and newsprint

    PITCHZIN* PC15 Proprietory blend

    It is very effective for neutralization of excess anionic colloidal charge, especially under acidic and neutral pH conditions. A secondary use can be for drainage and pitch control.