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In sugar processing, quality and consistency are everything — that’s why we’re one of the most trusted names in the industry. Synmac’s offers a complete range of process chemicals to improve product quality and yield for both cane and beet sugar processing. Our individual product lines include seed slurry, color precipitants for juice and syrup, flocculants for juice and syrup, antiscalants, defoamers, bleaching aid, enzyme for starch and dextran, biocides and viscosity reducers.

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Grinding and Extraction

Infections in the extraction season are reflected in pH variations, change in drop and result in sugar losses. (AVICIDE, SUCROCID Series)


To increase the quality extracted from the juice extracted from the mills, clarification with an appropriate flocculant is a key point. In the first clarification phase phosphate reacts with the calcium supplied by the lime solution in paste or saccharate form at an alkaline pH to produce calcium phosphate flakes. The complete separation of the juice flocculants is the task of flocculant. (AVIFLOC, SYNFLOC, AVIFLOATE series)


For us the evaporation station is the key process for the integral energy efficiency of a mill. Keeping the surface clean is the key in the evaporation season. The hardness of calcium salts causes scale in the pipe. (HYDROX , SYNTOL Series)


The most important result in the crystallization step is very high quality sugar. The final nobility of sugar will depend largely on the cooked primary crystallization mass and the characteristic of the crystalline cores employed, for example, size and quantity. ( SEEDMIX Z series seed slurry)


The centrifuges used in the production of sugar are designed for processing massecuite, a mixture of sugar crystals and molasses, which is produced by the crystallization phase of sugar refining. (AVIPOL series)

 We have extensive experience in industrial technology for sugar cane, for all systems phosphoflotation and sulfitation of cane sugar, and well as water treatment and purification. Our broad array of FDA- and Kosher-approved process chemicals means you can choose Synmac with complete confidence.