Flocculant For Juice,Syrup & Raw Sugar Refinery

(Polyacrylamide/Juice Clarification Aid/Setlling Agent)


Juice Clarification

AVIFLOC A100 series sugar grade series anionic PAM flocculants are very high molecular weight and different charges are developed in the specifically in the sugar industry for use in the clarification and filtration of sugar cane juice, has a faster dissolution time, and it increases the capacity of juice clarifiers due to its fast settling. Applicable Grades: AVIFLOC A110W, A111W, A122W


Thick Syrup Clarification

AVIFLOC A200 series are a medium to high molecular weight, slightly anionic flocculant recommended for the clarification of high concentrated liquids, as in refinery liquors or syrup. Applicable Grades: AVIFLOC A210F, A211F, AVIFLOTE


Remelt Refinery Liquor Clarification

Melted raw sugar is treated with phosphoric acid and then neutralized by lime addition in a melting vat. This liquor, which contains considerable suspended solids, is aerated to float the suspended solids, transferred to the clarifier, and the resultant scum is skimmed off the top of the clarifier. Applicable Grades: AVIFLOC A315F, A317F, AVIFLOTE A9


Products Chemistry Applications TDS SDS


    AVIFLOC* A110W Anionic Polyacrylamide

    AviFloc* A110W is a juice flocculant is a medium to high molecular weight polymer, which means that settling rates are increased thereby reducing retention times in the clarification stage. AviFloc* A110W flocculant is ideally suited for use in SRI Clarifiers.

    AVIFLOC* A111W Partially hydrolysed polyacrylamide

    AviFloc* A111W is a specially designed anionic polymer that is used as a flocculant in the clarification and filtration of sugar cane juice. It is a developed to increase settling rate and thereby reducing the retention time in the clarification stage. 


    AVIFLOC* A210F Copolymer of acrylamide and sodium acrylate

    AviFloc* A210F is an advanced water soluble polymer for use as a floatation flocculant, developed specifically for use in the process of thick syrup clarification. It can also enhance the performance of other types of syrup clarification processes. AviFloc* A210F flocculant is the most cost-effective syrup clarification flocculant in use in the sugar industry.

    AVIFLOTE* A220R Copolymer of acrylamide and sodium acrylate

    AviFlote* A220R flocculants are advanced water soluble polymers which have been developed specifically as aids to the rapid flotation of phosphatation scums at the clarification stage of refinery processing. AviFlote* A220R flocculants gather both primary flocs and air bubbles into secondary flocs that have an extremely rapid flotation rate resulting in brilliant clarified liquor.