Bleaching Agents

Colour Reductants for Massecuites

(Pan Bleaching Agent)


AVISTOL® P series are the most eco-friendly organic molecules based on different food grade chemistries such as aliphatic amines, neutralizers, chelating agents and oxidizers used for purification as a bleaching agents in the removal of organic and other impurities, thereby imparting attractive colour and sweetness to the end product.


AVISTOL® PW series are food grade oxidants in liquid and powder form for de-coloration of raw juice, syrup and re-melt liquor and applied at the all stages of mills to produce low ICUMSA sugar, thereby ensuring consistent raw sugar quality to the refinery.


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    Bleaching Agents

    AVISTOL* P low charge organic aliphatic amide polymer and food grade surfactant

    AvisTol* P is a liquid based on condensed low molecular weight cationic polymer use as bleaching agent, effectively bleach colour of massecuites. It is an excellent action when used at ‘PAN’ to give bright sugar with excellent keeping quality. AvisTol* P is a latest new generation product for sugar PAN station, stable bleaching action and chelation physico chemical mechanism to solve colour problem in the sugar system as a whole.

    AVISTOL* P+ Combination of oxidants and chelating agents

    AviStol* P+ is latest dry free flowing powder based on special organic chelates and inorganic bleacher which can destabilize and trap impurities and then remove them from the pan. AviStol* P+ combination of chelates and inorganic color removers effectively bleach colour of massecuites. The basic theory of this chemical lies in stable bleaching action followed by checking the ploymerisation of colouring matter in the massecuites. 

    AVISTOL* PW2 Organic & Inorganic activators blend

    AviStol* PW is dry free flowing powder based on organic phosphonic acids with high performance proprietary activatior decolurant specifically designed for the Raw Sugar Refinery, for color removal of sugar liquors. AviStol* PW can be added in melted liquor and/or clarified liquor, enhancing clarification in both, phosphatation and carbonation refineries.

    AVISTOL* PW5 Oxydol & Proprietory Activators

    AviStol* PW5 is a strong oxidizing stablized viscous decolurant based on oxydol and bleach activators specifically designed for the re-melt liquor decoloration in refined sugar process- phosphatation. It is applied at re-melt vessels for decoloration in refined sugar process.