Sugar Industry Enzymes

Bio-Enzymes for the Cane Sugar Industry

(Amylase & Dextranase)

Synmac innovative enzymes were developed specially for the production of granulated and raw sugar with dextranase and amylase, LeucoZin® facilitates the processing of raw materials containing starch and dextrans, increases the sugar yield and optimizes the quality of the sugar crystals. Better clarification of the juice and a longer service life of the filters enable manufacturers to reduce the production costs significantly.  


In the raw sugar factory, the gummy juices reduce heat exchange efficiency, slow boiling of massecuite, produce irregular shaped sugar crystals, and retard purge times in the centrifuges. Synmac supplies a fungal enzyme called Dextranase for this application. Synmac has the following enzymes for the cane sugar processing industry to improve overall process conditions.  LeucoZin® series are complies with the recommended purity specifications for food-grade enzymes given by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) and the Food Chemical Codex (FCC).

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    Sugar Industry Enzymes

    LEUCOZIN* DX Aqueous Stabilized Solution of Dextranase

    LEUCOZIN DX is a liquid dextranase enzyme for use in sugar processing. It is a robust dextranase that will break down dextran into sucrose and hamper the growth of Leuconostoc mesenteroides apply in juice, syrup, melt and re-melt.

    LEUCOZIN* DX+ Aqueous Stabilized Solution of Dextranase

    It is a Dextranase Enzyme produced by the controlled fermentation of a Non GMO Fungal Strain. It is used in the Sugar Cane Industry. In sugar production dextrans are undesirable compounds increasing the viscosity of the flow and reducing industrial recovery, bringing about significant losses. 

    LEUCOZIN* S Aqueous Solution of Alpha-amylase

    LEUCOZIN* S break down starch in sugar cane juice and raw sugar which results in improved plant efficiency and sugar quality. It is derived from Bacillus licheniformis using submerged fermentation and refining extraction techniques.

    LEUCOZIN* SH Thermostable Liquid α-amylase

    LEUCOZIN* SH is liquid enzyme α-amylase used in the production of sugar to break down the starch present in sugar cane juice and raw sugar refinery. In sugar mills mixed juice, high in starch, typically causes poor mud filtration, a reduced boiling house efficiency and increased molasses formation, thus sucrose losses in the raw sugar factory.

    LEUCOZIN* Z+ Biosurfactant, Biochemicals and enzymes

    LeucoZin Z+ is a special product which enables high yield and stable cane juice fermentation process, also eliminate contamination and enhance the activity of biocides . It is a very effective and proven product formulation which improves the juice fermentation process & yields.

    LEUCOZIN* ZN Iinvertase obtained from a selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

    LEUCOZIN ZN is a liquid invertase preparation which can be applied in the confectionary industry for the production of invert syrup starting from beet or cane sugar. It can also be used to prevent sugar crystallization.