Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals For Sugar Industry


Synmac offers a full line AQUAZINE* S series of boiler chemicals includes oxygen scavengers, alkalinity builders, neutralizing amines, filming amines, boil-out treatments, and antifoams also offer FUELSYN sugar mill bagasse fuel additives to control slagging and corrosion.  AQUAZINE* C series are maximizes heat transfer efficiency and protects your equipment for open-recirculating (in cooling towers), closed-loop, or once-thru systems.

At addition offer a ROZINE* S are complete line of products to extend the life of membrane elements, improve the quality of water produced and reduce the amount of maintenance and cleaning your system requires. AQUAZINE* W series are meet all of your wastewater treatment chemicals needs for sugar industry.

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    Water Treatment Chemicals

    AQUAZINE* B222 Phosphate and polymer blend

    AquaZine® B222 is a liquid boiler feedwater treatment that containing stabilizing phosphate, organic polymers and dispersing agents, providing the greatest potential to maintain clean boiler heat transfer surfaces and serves as a sludge conditioner.  

    AQUAZINE* B224 Blends of water soluble polymers

    Aquazine® B224 is a liquid antiscalant especially treatment for high pressure boiler water systems, formulated as to follow the phosphate congruent control rates.