Bagasse Pol Reducers

Bagasse & Mud Pol Reducers


POLCID*B series are anionic and nonionic block polymers used in proper dosages along with the imbibition water in sugar factories lead to better extraction of sugar and lowering moisture in bagasse. POLCID*B range surfactants help effective mixing or wetting of bagasse with the imbibition water, reduction of moisture in bagasse. POLCID* MPR is a mud pol reducer based on surface active agent which lowers the viscosity of the mud, increases the filterability of the mud and subsequently reduces the amount of sugar lost.


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    Bagasse Pol Reducers

    POLCID* B EO/PO low molecular weight polymers

    POLCID-B is bagasse pol reducer; synergistic functions of the formulation help in extraction of additional sucrose from bagasse on line. POLCID-B chemical composite helps to leach maximum sugar from bagasse by reduction of pol percentage in bagasse, reduction in moisture of bagasse and prevent non sugar coming out of bagasse. This additional sugar recovered from waste bagasse adds to the savings for the sugar mills & increases output efficiency.

    POLCID* B plus poly(propylene oxide)/poly(ethylene oxide) block copolymer

    POLCID-B plus is a composite of specialty compounds with specific functionalities. It extracts more sugar from the bagasse thereby reducing the loss and increasing the recovery and the productivity. It reduces the moisture content in the bagasse. It is non-toxic and does not interfere in the sugar crystallization. POLCID-B plus is sprayed with hot water on the bagasse during the mill crushing process. It helps in extracting maximum sugar from the bagasse.

    POLCID* M Organic fatty Esters

    POLCID-M is a unique product based on organic food grade esters for sugar industry as mud pol reducer for reduce the viscosity of mud. The sugar content of mud leaving the raw factory has been reduced by the addition of the chemical POLCID-M.It is a organic high tempreture multi surface active agents which lowers the viscosity of the mud, increases the filterability of the mud and subsequently reduces the amount of sugar lost. POLCID-M is a nature of nonionic and will not remain in the final sugar.