Sugarcane Cultivation Aids

Sugar Cane Cultivation Chemicals


SYNION series plant growth regulator on the yield and quality of sugarcane, effective for controlling plant growth by adding to the nutrients. SYNTRO chemical ripening of sugarcane reduced cane moisture content and restricted leaf and stalk growth more than the standard ripeners. SYNCOR offers a broad spectrum Control, including a good coquito control, also offers greater residually and presents a excellent phyto compatibility. 


GENOSYN, KEMSYN and TAMSYN are effective herbicides for controlling tropical weeds, some of which grow to enormous heights. Our new product CONMAX provides particularly long-lasting protection on plantations.


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    Sugarcane Cultivation Aids

    CONMAX ZX natural compounds, alginates and carbohydrates

    CONMAX ZX is a highly refined liquid seaweed plant conditioner; stimulating growth and development for superior yield and quality for improving tolerance to heat, drought and frost conditions. It is assisting the plant’s natural resistance to insect and fungal attack.It can be used every 2-4 weeks during the growing season as a general plant tonic to enhance plant health and bio-mass production.

    SYNCOR 75WG natural compounds, trace elements, alginates and carbohydrates

    SYNCOR 75WG is a new broad-spectrum, post-emergence herbicide setting a new standard for weed control in sugarcane for control of grass weeds and broad leaf weeds.

    SYNCOR G Amino acids

    SYNCOR is active against a wide spectrum of the key grass and broad leaf weeds present in sugarcane and maize. Use rates range from 3.0-4.0 Itlha depending on weed spectrum.

    SYNGOLD 60EC Biosurfactants

    SYNGOLD 60 EC is a selective, systemic herbicide that causes inhibition germination and development of weed seedlings.