Phosphoric Acid Substitute

Phosphoric Acid Substitute For Sugar Industry


Synmac has recently developed PHOSZINE acts as alternative of phosphoric acid 85%, effectively used in sugar factories with remarkable results.  Our PHOSZINE series are can be used in Juice, Syrup, Melt & Filtrate clarification systems. This series products fully adheres to the rules of food regulation. These are completely safe because its pH value between 5-7 and dosage of these products are very less compared to Phosphoric Acid.


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    Phosphoric Acid Substitute

    PHOSZINE S Highly Charged Cationic polymers

    It is a alternative of phosphoric acid for use in juice, syrup, melt, & filtrate clarification system. The application of PHOSZINE S eliminates of reduces the uses of phosphoric acid (the highly acidic component) at the system and thus reduces the cost of operation of non-sugars and other minute colloidal particles.