Sugar Seed Slurry

Seed Slurry (Crystal Former) For the Sugar Industry


The most important result in the crystallization step is very high quality sugar. The final quality of sugar depends to a large extent on the quality of the primary crystallization cooked mass and the characteristic of the crystalline cores employed, for size and quantity. SEEDMIX®  series seed suspension are based on the innovation of the traditional method of crushing sugar crystals to obtain more uniform, homogeneous and cluster-free crystalline cores.


In the sugar industry for effective regulation of the number and size of crystals with the boiling of the cane sugar, refined and raw materials. SEEDMIX®  Z series provides the production of homogeneous crystals of sugar and allows to regulate the number and size of crystals during the boiling of the massecuites. SEEDMIX®  Z series increase the purity (good quality) of the second and final crystallization of massecuite and prevents the formation of conglomerates of sugar; thus increases the yield of sugar. 


SEEDMIX® R series innovative seed slurry has been especially developed as a seed material for the raw sugar refining process (HIGH TEMP) to improve the quality of the crystalization product by way of low conglomeration and uniformity of the grain. SEEDMIX® eliminates the need for the sugar refiner to make seed slurry on site and offers a cost effective, quality and convenient alternative. 


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    Sugar Seed Slurry

    SEEDMIX* Z100 Sucrose, dispersant containing propanetriol;

    SeedMix* Z100 is an non-alcoholic chemical preparation containing micro-crystals of sucrose which have been precision milled to a specific particle size and distribution and suspended in a formulation containing propane-triol.

    SEEDMIX* Z200 Sucrose & 1,2-ethanediol Ethoxylated Block Polymer

    SeedMix* Z200 is innovative slurry especially for sugar refining for automatic graining, proves to be a better disperser and less decantation. SeedMix* Z200 has replaced isopropanol because of the regulation issues and low viscosity.  Thus, a suspension of finely milled sugar in isopropanol is very unstable, and it should, therefore, be maintained under constant vigorous stirring so as to avoid sedimentation.

    SEEDMIX* Z300 Active Ingredient Sucrose and isopropanol

    SeedMix-Z300 is an organic preparation containing micro crystals of sucrose in a suspension of alcohol. It is used for reduction of sugar loss in molasses and to get maximum crystal recovery. SeedMix-Z300 regulate a number and size of crystals in the process of boiling of a massecuite. 

    SEEDMIX* Z400+ Micro crystals of sucrose suspended in a polyglycol and glycerine mix

    SeedMix-Z400+ has been developed as a solvent free seed material for raw sugar refining designed to improve the quality of the crystallization product by way of low conglomeration and uniformity of the grain. It is classified as a technical auxiliary product for the sugar manufacturing process.

    SEEDMIX* Z500 Dry Sucrose, parabens and polysaccharide

    SeedMix-Z500 is powdered sugar crystal seeds (nucleation)containing micro-crystals of dry sucrose which have been precision milled to a specific particle size. SeedMix-Z500 can prepare on-site slurry immediately by mixing any suitable food grade solvent, which will be stable.