Viscosity Reducer

Crystallizing Aids For Sugar Industry

(Viscosity Reducer/Pan Aids/ Cooking Aids/Wetting Agent)


In the cane sugar production, the slurry produced contains starches, fiber and gluten that need to be separated. The resistance to the flow of slurry is a function of viscosity. It is important to maintain a slow flow of slurry to insure proper separation. To adjust this flow, a surface-active molecule is added to reduce the viscosity. 


AVIPOL* series are based on non ionic - anionic type food grade surfactants, fatty esters which reduce viscosity and improve fluidity of massecuite allowing more uniform heating, shortened boiling times and increased molasses exhaustion. It can be added to raw sugar and refinery vacuum pans to improve pan circulation. 


Mode of Action


When Avipol* serie are used, purging in the centrifugals is speeded up because the molasses film is more easily removed from the crystals resulting in an increase in the throughput of the centrifugal station and a reduction on the quantity of wash water used.


Massecuite viscosity is increased by the presence of minute air bubbles and the surface active nature of  Avipol* viscosity reducer causes these bubbles to collapse and prevents them from reforming. When these bubbles are removed the massecuite becomes more mobile.


Products Chemistry Applications TDS SDS

    Viscosity Reducer

    AVIPOL* G100 Castor oil, ethoxylated propoxylated

    AviPol* G100 is a tense 100% active ethoxylated food grade surfactant formulated for use in the final operations the manufacture of sugar. Its use enables the increase in production and reduces the purity of molasses, the purges and improving the fluidity of the cooked mass and helping to best form sugar crystals. AviPol* G100 effectively controls organic deposits like polysaccharide hydrolysis products in vacuum pans.

    AVIPOL* VZ Polyoxyethylenesorbitan monooleate

    AviPol* VZ is a polymeric crystallizing aid based on nonionic /anionic surfactant with organic food grade esters in liquid form specially formulated to reduce the viscosity of massecuites and also the improve boiling efficiency, crystallization, centrifugation and exhaustion of molasses.

    AVIPOL* VZ+ O,O′-Dioleoylpolyethylene glycol

    AVIPOL VZ+ is a 100% active self-emulsified product used in the sugar industry for the foam suppression in sugar solutions, for viscosity reduction and crystallization intensification.

    AVIPOL* VZ50 Aqueous solution of 1,4-bis(2-ethylhexoxy)-1,4-dioxobutane-2-sulfonic acid

    AviPol* VZ50 is a anionic viscosity reducer; improves boiling efficiency, crystallisation, centrifugation and exhaustion of molasses, resulting in improved sugar crystals and sugar recovery. This improves fluidity, reduces boiling time and improves circulation. AviPol* VZ50 results in reduction in boiling time, reduced steam and water consumption, better exhaustion of molasses and better curing in the centrifuge.

    AVIPOL* VZR Fatty acid esters of polyhydroxylic compounds

    AviPol* VZR is a specifically developed for crystallizing aid for raw sugar refining processes. It has remarkable solubility and compatibility with the concentrated solutions in sugar processing systems. In addition, AviPol* VZR favorably affect the wetting properties of the solutions, reduce foam, lower the viscosity, improve the heat transfer, and reduce scale formation in processing equipment.