Colour Precipitants

Decolourant For Juice, Syrup & Raw Sugar Refinery

(Colour Precipitant/Decolourizer/Bleacher/Colour Reductant)


Synmac specifically designed and developed to remove coloring substances from juice /syrup /melt /re-melt / massecuite to reduce ICUMSA of the final product sugar. AVISTOL* S series juice colour precipitant used to reduce the ash content of sugar juice, which increases the clarity and sparkle of the juice, as well as the sugar yield. 


AVISTOL* C series products are a cationic in liquid form developed as a processing aid for used in refinery processes, such as carbonatation, sulfitation and phosphatation; reacts with negatively charged color bodies, neutralizing their charges and thereby causing precipitation. The precipitated color is subsequently removed during syrup clarification and phosphotation raw sugar refinery.


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    Colour Precipitants

    AVICARB* 40C Aqueous solution of cationic polymers

    AviCarb* 40C is liquid color precipitant can increase decolourisation in carbonatation without increasing capital cost. It has been developed specifically for use in carbonatation sugar refineries. It is simple and cost-effective to use and has FDA approval when used in the recommended manner.

    AVISTOL* CP50 Dimethylamine-epichlorohydrin copolymer

    AvisTol* CP50 is a syrup colour precipitant which also removes certain high molecular weight impurities. It is cationic in nature therefore the anionic colouring matter easily attaches itself to it. Some of the other anionic impurities also attach to this molecule thereby making it more effective in creating minute particles, which are then converted into primary flocs in the subsequent processes of syrup clarification.

    AVISTOL* L Aqueous solution of polyamine

    AviStol* L precipitant is a cationic color removal aid in liquid form developed as a processing aid for use in phosphatation refineries. The percentage decolourisation obtained depends upon the AviStol* L quantity used, upto certain limits. Under normal conditions 100-150 ppm, on sugar solids, is sufficient to achieve a high degree of decolourisation.

    AVISTOL* L50 An aqueous polyquarternary amine

    AviStol* L 50 is phosphatation refineries color removal aid in liquid form, with high cationic charge density which neutralizes positively charged colloidal material in liquid concentrated form used as a decolorizing agent in the clarification of cane sugar.

    AVISTOL* M75 Combination of fatty (amine) and reacted/modified tallow,

    AviStol*M75 has been developed for use in the flotation process for removal of unwanted impurities from the syrup. The addition of AviStol*M75, in the melted sugar liquor, creates an interaction between the cationic charges of AviStol*M75 and the anionic charges of the soluble impurities of the solution.

    AVISTOL* SJ High Cationic Charge pDADMAC/ polyamines

    AvisTol* SJ is a juice colour precipitant used to reduce the ash content of sugar juice, which increases the clarity and sparkle of the juice, as well as the sugar yield. The use of AvisTol* SJ precipitant destabilises the juice solution by forming an ionic bond with the particles and initiating primary flocculation.